Monday, December 19, 2005

Friends, Massive Traffic and Huge Dollars – Perfect Recipe!

Traffic doesn’t come easier than this, and it costs you nothing.

When is the last time you received an email from one of your friends? Probably yesterday. Did it contain a classic joke or funny picture that had you laughing in stitches? More than likely. I also bet that when they sent you that funny joke or picture, they also sent it to 50 other friends on their mailing list. You’ll know this especially if they didn’t blind carbon copy (bcc) the other email recipients.
I’ve seen this done many times. In fact most people, if they find the joke worth passing on just forward it to everyone in their friends list with the full body of message intact, exactly how they received it.

Now you wouldn’t exactly call this spam because the email came to you from one of your friends. Now I know you don’t mind receiving email from your friends. Or do you?
It’s amazing how many friends one has when you see the list that it was forwarded to.

So next time you pass on a hilarious joke to your buddy don’t forget to include you signature on the bottom.
Maybe even a logo and irresistible sales pitch complete with web site link.

It’s amazing how that joke you sent or forwarded gets passed around the world, many times over. In fact you can bet it will come back to you from a friend of a friend through a friend. Probably more than once.

You see, your 50 friends receive it, and each one of them forward it to their 50 friends and each of their 50 friends send it to another 50 friends each. Its spreads like a virus with no cure. Sending your little sales message all over the place to millions of friends of friends.

Now you can bet that out of all those friends and their friends, a lot of them could be interested in your particular niche and they will click on your irresistible link if it catches their eye. This is where that beautiful headline does its magic. That could mean a lot of potential traffic to your site from that one funny joke. And I bet this joke passing game happens all week every week.

Make sure you have that killer sales letter ready at the other end. Here come those sales.


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